After School In Brookline

Question, Discovery, Connection

Call Lin Learning Center, Brookline after school today at 617-906-6809.  Located next to Pierce and Lincoln School


Our Brookline after school provides a safe, high quality nurturing and enriching program for kindergarten to grade 5 students in the Brookline public schools.

We believe that it is important to learn how to use the academic knowledge that a  student has obtained during the school day in a practical way. Topics are student-generated or initiated and all subject matters are explored through experiments, cooking, literacy, artwork, play, field trips, and talking to experts in the particular field of topic.

Lin Learning Center believes that the purpose of our after school in Brookline is not to repeat regular academic course work or pre-teach what will be covered during the regular school year, but rather to expand a school academic knowledge and apply it to daily life. By doing so, students will have a chance to make connections between what they are learning in school and the world that they live in.

About Us

Lin Learning Center is a Massachusetts EEC licensed program for a group and large school age children in Brookline.

We provide a comprehensive after school program that focuses on children by providing them with care, social enrichment and life long habits. At Lin Learning Center, we provide children with safety: ensuring emotional and physical well being, healthy eating: a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, habit of mind: learning the art of persistence, patience and critical thinking: asking good questions, seeking truth, acting upon well informed decisions.

We offer transportation from school to our after school. Currently, we have transportation available from Lawrence, Pierce and Lincoln School.

The center provides the following daily activities:

  • STEM curriculum through project based learning on Monday through Thursday

  • Friday is dedicated to playing strategy games

  • Hands on daily cooking program

  • Homework support

  • Structured and non structured outdoor/ indoor activities depending on weather