​​​​Learning through Student Centered Discovery

​​​learning begins with questions that students initiate and answers are discovered through their own research & hands-on experiment

 After school In Brookline

​Question, Discovery, Connection

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Provide STEM program through hands-on project-based learning

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"When we make thinking visible, it not only gives us a window into what our students understand, the product of their thinking but also into how they understand it, the process of their thinking".

                                    -Ron Ritchhart

A book written by Kay Lin, program director 


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Tell me, I forget
Show me, I remember
Involve me, I understand

We are the community of Project Zero, Harvard University School of Education The Power of Making Thinking Making Visible

"Learning happens when students engage with ideas, when they ask questions, explore and construct meaning with our guidance and support".

                                                                                                           -Ron Ritchhart​​

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